Last chance for exhibitors at #TAGC24 to save on booth fees.
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The Allied Genetics Conference 2024 takes place March 6-10, 2024 in Metro Washington, DC. The hashtag is #TAGC24.
Share your science with the genetics community at #TAGC24

Submit an abstract to #TAGC24 and present your research to a unique gathering of scientists spanning career stages, organisms, and subject areas. Read the full list of Conference Themes here. Deadline: November 9, 2023.

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The GSA Board of Directors is accepting applications for a graduate student representative
The GSA Board of Directors is looking for a graduate student who wants to provide insight, guidance, and ideas on the future of the Society. The ideal representative is an effective communicator looking to give feedback on the myriad issues affecting early career researchers. Apply by November 12, 2023 to become a GSA ECS Board Representative for a term that starts in January 2024.


GSA’s Twitch channel premieres next stream on October 31
Whether you have two minutes or two hours, you’re invited to drop by and check out what our Twitch is all about. Nele Haelterman, an assistant professor at Baylor College of Medicine, will join us for a stream on October 31 at 3 p.m. EDT. Come hear about Haelterman’s research and public communication!

Want to build brand awareness, showcase your products, and network with multiple international biological research communities? Add your booth to the Exhibit Hall for TAGC 2024! Early booth registration ends today, October 11, 2023. Rates will increase by $150 on October 12, so take advantage of the discounted prices now.

#TAGC24 workshop application deadline coming up November 1
If you’re interested in organizing a workshop at TAGC 2024, applications are wrapping up soon. With commercial workshops, workshops for your community group, and science workshops that cut across model organisms, we’ve got an opportunity for everyone to find the right crowd for their science. Apply before November 1, 2023.

Multiple recognition awards available for graduate students and recent PhD graduates
Take the next step in your career and apply for a recognition award that will help fund your trip to #TAGC24. Scientists doing research in an area of
Drosophila, C. elegans, zebrafish, or population, evolutionary, and quantitative genetics are eligible to apply.

Apply for a GSA Undergraduate Travel Award to help fund a trip to #TAGC24
Tell a promising undergraduate in your lab about this funding opportunity to attend #TAGC24. If they apply for the Undergraduate Travel award before November 8, GSA may help fund a trip to present their science in front of thousands at TAGC 2024. Share the news or apply today!
Check out the website for the 32nd Fungal Genetics Conference and learn more on this year’s Perkins/Metzenberg lecture from N. Louise Glass. Glass is an emeritus professor at the University of California, Berkeley, and her research interests include applying systems biology approaches to dissect nutrient signaling and plant cell wall deconstruction.
GENETICS welcomes new associate editors
Join us in welcoming
Lei Sun, Konrad Lohse, and Thomas Lenormand as associate editors to GENETICS. You can read more about their research interests on Genes to Genomes.
GENETICS cover art
G3 cover art
Students and Postdocs
Meet Walid Mawass of the Community and Membership Engagement Subcommittee, and read about his interest in evolutionary genetics, his affinity towards academia, and his work at GSA on Genes to Genomes.

GSA’s Early Career Leadership Program applications open for 2024 cohort
Apply today to join the Early Career Leadership Program. Develop your skills, join a thriving network, and build career experience that will help you find your next job. To help guide your application, you can use this checklist to develop answers to the application questions.   

Presidential Membership Initiative accepting applications
The Presidential Membership Initiative offers a free membership through 2024, a discounted membership through 2025, an abstract fee waiver for one GSA conference, and recognition in Genes to Genomes. Additionally, GSA members have access to professional development opportunities like the Early Career Leadership Program and the Peer Review Training Program. Apply by November 1, 2023.

Members in News
Congratulations to Maiko Kitaoka, a GSA member and participant in the Peer Review Training Program, on winning this prestigious fellowship! Kitaoka is a postdoc in the Yamashita lab at the Whitehead Institute for Biological Research, and her research focuses on DNA damage responses, genome architecture, and sperm developmental dynamics. Read more about Kitaoka and the 25 winners here.
Paths to Science Policy with Vence Bonham
The latest Paths to Science Policy interview features Vence Bonham, acting deputy director of the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) and the head of the Health Disparities Unit in NHGRI’s Social and Behavioral Research Branch. Read the full interview by Marah Wahbeh on Genes to Genomes.

Call for Papers: LSE Special Issue on Equity, Inclusion, Access and Justice in Biology
CBE — Life Sciences Education will publish a special issue in 2024 highlighting equity, inclusion, access, and justice in biology education. LSE requests submissions of research articles, essays, and features to populate this special issue. Author instructions and requirements can be found online. The deadline to submit a brief description of a potential manuscript is October 15, 2023.
October 11, 2023 - #TAGC24 early (discounted) booth application deadline

October 18, 2023 - GSA Early Career Leadership Program application deadline

November 1, 2023 - #TACG24 Workshop Application Deadline

November 9, 2023 - Abstract submission deadline

March 6–10, 2024 - Conference Dates for #TAGC24
GSA Job Board
Is your lab or organization hiring? The GSA Job Board is an excellent place to connect with top talent in our scientific community. GSA members qualify for a discounted rate to post job openings and can post student and postdoc positions at no cost.

Check out some of the latest postings on the
GSA Job Board:

Assistant Professor | Department of Biology, University of Nebraska, Kearney | Kearney, NE, United States

Pediatric Geneticist | Genetics Division, Valley Children’s Hospital | Madera, CA, United States

Quality Engineer | Lighthouse Instruments | Charlottesville, VA, United States

Tenure-Track Faculty | Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, University of Texas McGovern Medical School | Houston, TX, United States

Assistant Professor | Department of Plant and Microbial Biology, University of California, Berkeley | Berkeley, CA, United States

Postdoctoral Researcher | Waksman Institute, Rutgers University | Piscataway, NJ, United States

Computational Biologist | Calico Life Sciences | South San Francisco, CA, United States

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Know of a great opportunity for early career scientists? Or do you have good news to announce about a GSA member?
We welcome submissions to both the GSA e-News (sent to all GSA members) and the Early Career Scientist Weekly (sent to student and postdoc GSA members). Items for the ECS Weekly include resources, awards, fellowships, grants, courses, and other opportunities applicable to early career scientists. News about GSA members includes new positions, book or op-ed publication, awards received, achievements, obits and others. We also invite other announcements relevant to GSA members, such as award nominations, new grant programs, etc.
Deadline for next issue: October 20, 2023. Send items (and feedback) to
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